PVDF SYGEF and SYGEF HP (High Purity)

PVDF SYGEF and SYGEF HP (High Purity)

SYGEF and SYGEF HP (High Purity) Piping Systems for the Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Chemical Processing Industries

All Plast is a supplier of high purity PVDF (polyvinylidene) piping components used worldwide under the trade name SYGEF. PVDF materials are ideal for the ultrapure needs of the Life Sciences and Semiconductor markets

General Features:

  • Inert
  • Hard, high strength
  • Readily weldable into system components
  • Complete system of pipe, valves, fittings, and flow control
  • Sizes in 16 mm (3/8″) through 225 mm (9″)
  • Custom fabricated fittings (such as reducing tees, tee/valves, etc.)
  • Bead and Crevice-Free (BCF), Infrared (IR)/Butt and Socket Fusion Joining Technologies

SYGEF® Standard
For the industrial water and chemical market, SYGEF Standard provides a premier piping system solution because of its purity characteristics, chemical resistance and extensive product and fusion offerings.

Features and Benefits
• Virgin Kynar® 700 Series Resin
• Surface finish Ra < 0.5 µm
• Ozone resistant
• 100% traceability to the raw material
• Durable packaging to ensure product integrity

Popular Applications :

  • Ultra-Pure Water (UPW) Return
  • Purified Water (PW)
  • Chemical distribution

Size Range
• 16mm – 315mm (3/8″ – 12″)*

*Pipe only in dimensions 250mm (10″) and 315mm (12″)

Pressure Rating
• 232 PSI (PN 16) @ 68°F for 16mm through 110mm
• 150 PSI (PN 10) @ 68°F for 160mm through 315mm